About Me

My name Christina and I am here to support you on your path to healing!

My first BodyTalk session as a client was in 2011 – I was an exhausted mother and full-time teacher. I was putting everyone but myself first and was experiencing chronic fatigue, overall body pain, foggy thoughts, extreme emotions and immense amounts of stress from extended family conflicts. I was hardly sleeping, I didn’t care about eating well and my quality of life was very poor despite how happy I was in my family. I was dependent on chiropractic and massage therapy to manage my pain and I felt powerless and out of sync with my life. I read countless self-help books and attended counselling regularly, but nothing seemed to shift the “weight” of my problems from my shoulders

I needed a way forward…

I found the modality of BodyTalk through a friend and after my first client session, I felt a deep inner peace and an overwhelming sense of wholeness – like I was finally myself after a lifetime of searching. I felt connected and grounded. I returned to BodyTalk as a client over the next 9 years, both alone and with my children, and these sessions drastically improved aspects of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual selves.

I was finally ready to take charge of my own healing!

Client Testimonials

“Christina’s sessions are relaxing and easy to understand with lots of details about the process…during the distance session, I felt like we were in person. She was professional with a very personal connection for my first appointment. I highly recommend her, as I will definitely follow up with her.”


“Christina has done 2 distance sessions for my son who is in a coma after having a brain hemorrhage in February. Both of the sessions provided me with insight into some things he has been dealing with or feeling, as he is not yet able to communicate…thank you Christina!”


Christina is such an amazing BodyTalk Practitioner❣️❣️❣️ She is very passionate about BodyTalk, and she has so much drive…she has done some very powerful work on me not only with in person sessions, but also with distant sessions too!! I highly recommend working with Christina, you won’t regret it!


BodyTalk Courses taken include: BodyTalk Access, Module 1&2 Fundamentals, Advanced BodyTalk Procedure/Protocol, Module 3 Principles of Consciousness, Module 5 Lymphatic Drainage and Applied A&P, Module 6 Macrocosmic Bodymind, Module 9 Matrix Dynamics, BodyTalk in the Treatment of Cancer, BreakThrough 1 and Mindscape.

Other Qualifications: Bachelor of Music (Specialist), Bachelor of Education (Arts Education), Reiki Masters and Bio-Neuro Emotions & Healing your Family Tree

Set yourself free and book an appoinment today!

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