The BodyTalk Practitioner relies on the guidance of your body’s natural wisdom to not only locate the weakened or broken lines of communication and establish how to re-connect them, but also to find the proper order (“priority”) in which they are to be restored. This is accomplished through a form of neuromuscular biofeedback, by which the practitioner is able to ask yes-or-no questions and receive answers directly from your body about the sequence for re-establishing these lines of communication. The priorities are pieced together and gently tapped out over the head, heart and navel area.

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The session will conclude when all the priorites for healing have been revealed and your body indicates that the session is done. I like to start and finish my sessions with some basic muscle range tests to show the improvments in mobility & range of motion (neck, arms/shoulder, back). Initial sessions are 60 minutes long, but may vary depending on your body’s needs. Audio recordings are included with distance zoom or Facetime sessions (not applicable for phone). If you are attending in-person, add on a customized BodyTalk meditation to your session & I will record all of your priorites and a deeply relaxing intro within 48 hours of your session and email it to you via dropbox (30 minute min. recording).

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